This is why you should quit your developer job!

Simply just you reading this article now, already tells so much about you. Maybe not your star sign and what your favorite dish at the Italian place next door is, but that you don’t find your job as attractive as when you started, for different reasons.


What follows are 10 warning signs that you better take serious, and that show you should consider a job change.  



1. Too much overtime


“I love how I repetitively have to work more than planned, get home stressed, and drown my frustration in a cup of Ben and Jerry’s.” - said no one ever. Statistics show that working overtime too often is the main reason for Germans to consider quitting their job. To keep work and life in balance is not only essential for you to productivity but also for your mental and physical health. For some work might be the bearer of glad tidings himself. But most people look for different things that satisfy them. Whatever it may be, just make sure that exactly that doesn’t come too short, and that you don’t ask yourself in a few years, how your life escaped you. And if it has to be a job change - so be it!




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2. Bad working atmosphere


You almost spend as much time with your colleagues as with your family with an 8-hour working day. You kind of take that your family doesn’t appreciate your humor, but if there's no chemistry between your colleagues and you and there’s no change in sight, you might need to consider getting a new job. You will see that a good working atmosphere will change your productivity and mood in and outside the office immensely.




3. Poor pay


There is plenty of other fish in the sea! Or in your case maybe: Other employers have great jobs too. It’s not a fair appreciation of your work and probably a sign to change your job if the amount of responsibility you take is not equal to the pay you get.



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4. You’re not challenged enough


Hey, if you love doing the same thing every day and you don’t have to push yourself at work, that’s great. Should you not feel challenged enough and want to do work that you can’t do at your current job, that’s a pretty visible sign. No matter how cozy the comfort zone might be at the moment, maybe a new job is the best decision for the new and young 2019!



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5. You complain about your job


Be it the boss, the stress, the colleagues or the room temperature that someone in the office changes continuously. Often, you don’t realize yourself how often you complain about certain things, unless someone points it out to you. Pay attention to it: Is the first thing you mention after a long day something negative and work related? If so, the alarm bells should ring for you right now.



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6. No opportunity for advancement


Don’t waste your valuable time with a company that doesn’t value your hard work and doesn’t give you challenges and options to grow. Look for a job that suits your skills and demands.


7. Questionable path


Colleagues are fired for no reason? Client feedback gets ignored? Overtime doesn’t get honored, and payment is bad anyway? Sure, nothing can be perfect everywhere, but if the company is going down a path, that you can’t arrange with you, well, then we don’t know what you’re waiting for!



8. Corporate culture doesn’t work for you


Should you long for flexible working times and remote work, but you stuck with a 9 to 5 job, you will probably never be happy with your job. No matter how much you like other parts of your job.  



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9. You struggle to go to work


This can have different and multiple reasons. Maybe you realize that you’ve picked the wrong job and you don’t have any motivation for that reason. Or it’s a combination of all the things mentioned above. Should you realize that the reason why you have to drag yourself to work as a wet sack can’t be changed, you should put an end to it all and look for a new challenge.




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10. You are reading this article


Maybe you’re even reading this article at work? That would be even better. But no matter where you read it, just that you clicked on this article or that you were looking for help on this topic, it is a sign, that you probably should part ways with your job and should head a different direction.




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Should you really consider quitting your job, do it mindfully. Weigh out the pros and cons of the job. Consider all the risk that comes with the termination. Try to solve problems where they can be solved. Should all that not help, we won’t keep you from doing what you have to do.

On the contrary! Write a list of To-Do’s before you step out the door ultimately, like update your Xing Profile and to trust a recruiter with your worries. A recruiter is like a small angel without wings that still guard you and know exactly what you need in this situation. These angels are hard to find, but maybe we can help?


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