hy starts with our first Event. Drivo and Jaano are here.

At November 25th 2015 the first event took place in hy’s four walls. And we wouldn’t be hy if that didn't happen with a big bang. 

Started off by the allianz work committee chairman Udo Bringe and cooked for by zwo live-cooking chefs.


Devs and skilled team leads took part. In addition the guys of Drive honoured us with there appearance. 



For those of you who don't know Drivo: It is an app that helps you become a clever driver. It analyses your style of driving and makes sure you are more secure and aware on the street. 


The startup Jaano from hamburg was there too. Sadly they currently can’t get funded anymore but their idea really convinced us. For 19ct per minute you can rent a scooter and drive through the city. Jaano also isn't tied to a station which makes everything super easy. 


All in all it was a pretty successful evening that we wont forget for sure!

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