Top 5 TED Talks for devs

TED has come to be a massive cultural force in the past years. If you’re not one of the approximately 16 million subscriber or one of the 2 billion views, I will have to intervene!

Sometimes it is better to live under  a rock, but definitely not in this case. 

The TED conferences (abbr. for technology, entertainment, design) are taking place two times a year and are gathering place for an exclusive group of specialists. Ideas are exchanged and talks are given, according to the motto “ideas worth spreading”. - It’s the ultimate spa for the brain. 


The TED- Talks Youtube Channel represents the source for inspiring and informative input. Even developer and tech-freaks get their money’s worth. 


Today I want to introduce you to the five best TED-Talks, that will cause you sleepless nights cause they really are that good. 


  1. “Coding a better government” | Jennifer Pahlka

    As activist and coder, Jennifer Pahlka believes that cheap and quick developed apps are a powerful tool to connect citizens with their government. 

  2.  “Why I teach people how to hack” | Ýmir Vigfússon

    In his TED-Talk Ýmir explains why he teaches his students how to hack and gives an insight into computer security. He shows that having “dangerous abilities”, doesn’t necessarily make you dangerous. 

  3.  “10 top time-saving tech tips” | David Pogue

    You might be an outstanding developer, but do you have your Tech-License? This video shares 10 tips for computer, mobile phone, internet and camera, that you haven't heard of before! Guaranteed!

  4. “How I taught myself to code” | Letha Soyizwapi

    Litha explains how his gall and curiosity lead him to graphic design, coding and eventually to programming an app. 

  5.  “How brain science will change computing” | Jeff Hawkins

    This talk will convince you that the understanding of the human brain, is going to significantly change the future of computing. 


So instead of watching the disturbing “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” - Video, you should better browse the TED channel for some helpful and inspiring videos.


What is your favourite TED-Talk?

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