Things to do to retain developers in your company

Appropriate IT experts are like lice. Hard to find and quickly gone. One could definitely say that, if you look at the report at, on employee tenure, more closely. According to this, Amazon and Google - two tech giants - after scrolling forever, are at the bottom of the list with an average of 1-1.1 years of employment.



Loyal employees in the tech industry are a rarity and, above all, developers. Lured by salary, holidays and benefits, they long for more: Job satisfaction. At hy, we are happy to help you find the right developing talent for your business. But it is just as important to know how to hold them. Here you will learn how to counter the industry norm and achieve exactly that!



An open and honest work environment


Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. No one likes to work and lose sight of what they are working for. Do I want to catch the rabbit, does the fox catch the rabbit or does the rabbit catch me? All questions the employee does not have to ask if effective communication is used. Make clear what is required of him, give clear instructions and make clear how valuable his or her position is to the company. Explain where the company is standing, so that possible, false information has no chance and no uncertainty arises. As in any good relationship, listening is also critical in conversation. Are there any ideas, suggestions or even problems? Keep your ears open for the needs of your talent.


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Offers for further development


Almost nothing is more important to a developer than being able to challenge, learn, and develop at the workplace. A developer who can learn new technologies and stay up to date is a happy developer! Only through stimulating work, the interest remains. Find the passion of your employees to know precisely in which projects they should be involved. If you want to be very exemplary, you can even put together a development plan and show them how they can grow with the company.


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Praise good work


It may sound too simple, but showing your appreciation to your employees is truly worth gold and does not involve any effort. Pure praise creates loyalty, while undervalued employees are quicker to look for a new job than you would like. But not all praise is equal. Like everything in life, approval should come from the heart. Developers are intelligent people and can differentiate between platitude and real recognition.


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Customize the job


What does motivate a developer? In our experience, to work on interesting technical issues, to work with other talented developers, and to be in a friendly, creative environment working on software that is actually useful. If you are still awaiting a job interview, make it clear in advance what goals the company is pursuing and how the work of the developer brings the company closer to its purpose.



Minimize the meetings


How do you get rid of a developer the fastest? By including him in all meetings that do not really suit him. We haven’t listed meetings in a previous blog post among the top 10 things that developers hate, for nothing. Good developers love what they do, and a constant interruption kills the motivation. Although meetings are essential and sometimes unavoidable, be transparent and show why their input is needed.




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Leave space for creativity


Micromanagement, not only brings you high blood pressure but also annoys your developers and is a great time-waster. It is self-evident to guide him in the beginning, but as soon as he can work alone - let him work alone. Self-responsibility is precisely what creates the freedom to find the right innovative solutions.



So understand that developers are just human beings. Communication, respect, understanding and exciting work creates a loyal team. Choose candidates that are perfect for the job and the company. If you have problems finding the right people, hy can help you. By doing that, and by creating the right working atmosphere, which brings job satisfaction, you will be rewarded with a steady retention rate and with employees who contribute to the company's success - in the long run.



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